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don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino

add your business to bullhead city guide

don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino

Add Your Business Here!

Watch -  15 second Video Ad - Click Here!

This is Dexter Mcgriff, Publisher/Owner (BHCGUIDE, LLC) with Bullhead City Guide. Two and a half years ago during the Pandemic Lockdown, we were only an idea. Today we are the Digital Online Directory for Bullhead City. We are a certified City of America Website, and members of the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce.

don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino

Bullhead Area Chamber 30 sec video - Click Here!

Bullhead Area Chamber 30 sec video (Espanola) - Click Here!


City of America websites are located across America in small communities designed to bring affordable advertising to small and medium sized businesses i.e. mom & pop businesses, entrepreneurs and single individuals desiring to work from home.

On the website, local residents and visitors can find just about anything that they are looking for in one easy-to-access location, Visitors have 24-hour access to hundreds of products and services from local businesses, upcoming local events, schools, shopping, money-saving coupons, classifieds, real estate listings, and much more.

Our goal is to promote interaction between Bullhead City residents and visitors to the area with local businesses in order to build and maintain a strong local economy.

As a get-acquainted offer, we are offering an extremely great benefit. you will receive a 50% DISCOUNT on our premium ad listing. Usually $595 a year, you will pay only $299.99 for a full year as a GEt ACQUAINTED DISCOUNT, AND we guarantee you that price next year as well should you choose to renew (and we know you will), giving you a $600 savings.

This works out to LESS THAN $25 A MONTH and will enhance your current marketing efforts by creating an online presence for your business or service. Please check our Business Directory and see if your business or service is listed. - Click Here!

With the premium ad listing, your business will have a listing in 5 different categories.

a photo or logo of your business,

a detailed business description,

all of your contact information,

links to your email and website address (if you do not have a website, we can build one for you or we highly recommend using our partner Marketing360 - the #1 marketing platform for small businesses - learn more - click here!

a banner ad that will rotate on the top and bottom of all pages on the website,

a price list option, bold and color highlight upgrades to make you more visible,

placement of your business in "Business of the Week" and the "Spotlight" on the Business archive,

a printable coupon, and so much more.

You will have total control at all times to update your information when you need to do so.

Unlike your Yellow Pages ad, you can change your ad with us at any time, all year long.

don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino

Standard Business Package

We have a lot of advertising options for YOU!


Our Local content creates traffic and word-0f-mouth advertising.

don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino

Bullhead City Guide will be highlighting local area businesses throughout the Tri-state Area. Our staff will be hosting "Live Events" on YouTube, Amazon and Facebook.We will feature local civic, school, church and local sports events.

Create a Business Listing today to get noticed on Bullhead City Guide.


   Visit our YouTube Channel  l - Click Here!

         Amazon Storefront          - Click Here!

     Facebook Business Page    - Click Here!

        BHC Guide Merch Store       - Click Here!


1. When you purchase your Standard Business Package you will be able to add your business to our online Business Directory. You will be able to add your business listing in up to 5 categories with a 1000 characters description and you can upload 3 photos. You have 1 free coupon you can use. Coupon credits cost 4.99 each and are valid for 1 month each. Click here to learn more about adding a coupon to offer to your customers.

Local Coupons - We have created the coupons page to provide you with coupons you can actually use to reward your loyal customers. Our goal is to create a local coupon "Network" of participating businesses that will save our visitors money and bring you sales. Visitors will be able to print and clip your coupon. In this age of mobile devices, most merchants simply ask to view their coupon on their phones. Customers love coupons!


         Bullhead City Area Chamber of Commerce - "Members"      

You will receive 3 credit coupons - 3 months of coupons - value 14.97) with purchase of a Standard Package - Business Listings.


Banner ads can be purchased separately. Your 798x90 can be added to our banner rotator. Your ad will run daily, 24 hours a day. Over 90% of local shoppers have mobile phones are you missing out reaching these potential customers for your business or service?


Top Banner Rotator - 19.99 per month

Bottom Banner Rotator - 12.99 per month

Business Card Billboard Ad (300x250) - 25.00 per month

Business Directory Block Banner (300x250) - 25.00 per month

Home page Block Banner - 25.00 per month


Weekly classified ads are FREE!


Real Estate Listings


Weekly real estate ads are 10.00 per week

Unlimited listings for one month are 50.00 per month - Perfect for Realtors!

Unlimited listings for three months are 100.00 - Perfect for Realtors

Unlimited listings for one full year 1,250 - Perfect for Brokers!



Bullhead City "Chamber Members" - Purchasing a Standard Package (Business Listing) will receive 3 months Top Banner Rotator Credits - that's a $59.97 value and our staff will create and upload your banner 798x90 in our Top Banner Rotator.

Let's Get You Registered

Registration Benefits - When you register an account you will be able to use many of the tools and marketing resources below for your business - Your restaurant must be listed in the directory in order to use this option. You must check the "include restaurant menu" option within your business listing details when listing your restaurant. Once your business is successfully listed in our directory - the restaurant menus feature icon should be visible in your user control panel. (Contact Us if you require support - 


Restaurant Menus

This section will allow restaurants owners to create an online menu for visitors to browse. Please Click here to view the User's Guide Menus tutorial!


Price List

This section will allow you to list items or services you offer for visitors to browse. Once you have a business listed in our directory, you are able to add in a price list. Note: Users who have a Standard or Premium Business Listing in our directory can access and utilize this feature. Click here to view the User's Guide - Price List.



The Articles section is where you can submit an article about your business. You can make your article really interesting my adding photos. Click here - to view the User's Guide Tutorial.


Events Calendar

Does Your business have an up coming event you would like to post on our Events Calendar? Post it in our local Events Calendar for Free! 

Click here to post your event. To enter an event: Click on the number of the date you wish to post the event for. Then simply complete the entry.


Auto Sales Listing

The Cost to list Your Auto or Autos for Sale is 1.00 per week. You must register a free account to use this feature. Click here to view our Auto Listing form.



The invoice section shows you payments made, as well as payments due. You will be able to track all your payments here. Click here to view our User's Guide - Invoice. 



The Account section allows you to update some of your personal information associated with our directory. In the account section you will be able to edit/change your password or change your display name.  If you need to modify your email address or username, please ccontact the site administrator. All email changes must be verified to be a legitimate email associated with you for security reasons.


FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Registering & Logging In

2. Business Directory

3. Classified Ads

4. Coupons

5. Events Calendar

6. Banner Ads

7. Pricelists

8. Articles


To Register - Click Here!



Your ads will be working for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and you can update your ad description, change prices, ad banners and more at anytime.



Get Acquainted Offer - Premium Ad Listing 50% Savings!


don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino


don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino

Premium Package


Business listing in up to 5 categories

Up to 10 image(s)

Option to embed YouTube video in business listing

Description of up to 25000 characters

Link to your web site

1 free banner ad(s) (with monthly subscription)

12 free banner ad(s) (with yearly subscription)

12 free coupons(s)

Free Bold upgrade


Package Pricing:

Monthly - $19.99 - Quarterly - $79.99  - Yearly - $299.99

Pay Yearly - $299.99 and as a bonus, receive a 15 second video ad and landing page with your premium package. You are probably thinking to yourself, really a 15 second video is going to find me new customers and sales. 


The Incredible Value of a 15 second video!

15 second Video Ad -  Click Here!

Bullhead City Guide is in pre-launch, we will launch our website officially on October 15, 2022. Bullhead City Guide became a member of the Bullhead City Chamber on July 1, 2022. We feel so strongly about the chamber and the businesses and professionals who join that we offer "chamber member" only rates on our services.

Let me tell you about the marketing value of our 15 second video to help you generate new customers and sales for your business or service. Let's review the pre-launch 15 second video ad we created for our presentation to the marketing department at Don Laughlin's Resort Hotel & Casino. This is an example of the landing page and video that we will create for your business.


How Much Does A Video Ad Cost?

We can help local small and medium size businesses to generate leads and new customers. Costs can range anywhere from $1,200 for a basic video, to $50,000 for a premium video. Our yearly get-acquainted offer is only $299.99 with a landing page and video ad included.


Click on The Prime Rib Room video - Click Here!

The Prime Rib Room is a beautiful setting for  a river view restaurant off the Colorado River. During dinner, I shot the 15 second video with my Apple iphone 11. Our staff shoots all our photos and videos using our Apple iphones and ipads, and you can too. Shop the products we use to shoot our photographs and videos. Visit the  Bullhead City Guide Amazon Storefront - click here! When you purchase your Premium Package our staff will contact you to find out what your ad objective is and the information you would like to include in your video ad. It's about a 4 to 5 day process. Our goal is to provide you with the results you want.


In  the Prime Rib Room video ad you will notice the call-for-action is to generate new customers by having them phone in to make a reservation. This video ad will appear on Bullhead City Guide 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Your marketing budget per day is less than $1.00 a day. A subtle thing you might not be aware of viewing the video. In order to view the reservation times and phone number, the visitor must play the video again to gather the reservation information. What does that mean? It means the surfer is possibllyinterested in making a reservation. The short video with the festive crown chatter is an attention grabber.


Drive down Highway 95 in Bullhead City and you will see 100's of advertising flags along the highway, you will see electronic billboards, signs and posters in windows, people on street corners in 100 degree temperature waving advertising posters over their heads to attract passing drivers. I really wonder, does that really work? Ok, you see my point: marketing is important to growing your business. No Customers = No Sales!


We create ads that will produce results based on our 35 years of experience marketing online. Our platform is set up to let small and medium size businesses market on any budget. You can create your own banners. Once completed - upload your banner to our banner rotator. Your banner ad will appear on the top or bottom of all pages. You will have total control at all times to update your information when you need to do so. You will be able to write an article about your business, post photos and videos. You will be able to add a price list for your products or services or create coupons. We provide tutorials to help you along the way.


We will create the landing page and video ad for you when you purchase the $299.99 yearly package. You will be able to most  post your video link on your Social Media pages and if you have a customer email list - simply add the link to your emails.  Post your landing page link on Facebook will produce thousands of local visitors right away for your website. You also will receive thousands of visitors from Bullhead City Guide and that is all for a one time investment of $299.99 for the entire year.


 To get started - you must register a free account - once you have registered and receive your confirmation email you are in our database and can now purchase your Premium Package. If you prefer, you may return to this page to make your purchase. Please click here to make your payment after your account has been activated.

If you need additional support click here!


email us:

don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino


               Advertise With Us!            

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don laughlin riverside resort hotel and casino

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